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The 509th Remembered
A comprehensive history of the 509th Composite Bomb Group
and their mission to drop the two atomic bombs
By Robert and Amelia Krauss
Signed by the authors

The 509th Remembered- This book was written in cooperation with members of The 509th Composite Bomb Group by Robert an Amelia Krauss and it was published in 2005 (all rights reserved). It is a comprehensive collection of life stories, photographs and historical narrative of the 509th from its inception until the group exited Tinian after the Japanese surrender in 1945. Many of these photographs have never been seen before.Of particular interest, this book is probably the most comprehensive collection of autographs of the 509th ever assembled and, therefore, will become a definitive reference work in the field of autograph collecting and authentication.The book also contains a fabulous collection of photographs of the main planes involved in the strike missions to Hiroshima and Nagasaki as wells as autographed plane images and crew photos.

Because of the comprehensiveness of this work, it is a must have for dealers in military memorabilia, both autograph collectors and dealers and historians with a special interest in WW II in general and the atomic bombers in particular.

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