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Corporate & Client Gifts

For Those Special Occasions
The Gift of Enduring Value!

The History Buff Inc.offer's unique items that make superb and meaningful gifts. Our client or corporate gift plan is designed to meet this need. Most recipients recognize that such gifts represent an effort on the part of the giver to make any occasion more than a pro forma or obligatory expression of regard or appreciation.

We work with clients to arrange gifts for their family member or other loved one. For our corporate clients we help them select the fitting gift for their employees or clients. Some businesses require gifts for employees on special occasions such as holidays or in appreciation or recognition for retirement or special contributions.

Because of our large inventory and wide network of contacts in the field of original historical autographs, signed books and historical artifacts we can tailor any particular request to any recipient's interest; whether it be a President of the United States or one of many military heroes, authors, aviators, scientists, Hollywood icons, or Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Furthermore we can work within any budget.

If you have a particular autograph or signed book in mind as a gift, we can assist you. The following is a list of some of the most commonly collected autographs and very rough estimates of prices which vary depending on market conditions and the specific nature of the item.


John Adams-price varies
Neil Armstrong signed 8x10 photo $500 Space & Aviation

Beatles signed 8x10 photo by all four $10,000 Music
Humphrey Bogart signature $400 Entertainment
Marlon Brando signed 8x10 photo $500 Entertainment
Al Capone document signed $10,000 Notables & Notorious
Lon Chaney signed 8x10 photo as the Wolfman $1,000 Entertainment
Charlie Chaplin signed 8x10 photo as the Tramp $2,500 Entertainment
Winston Churchill signed 8x10 photo $2,000 Notables & Notorious
David Crockett signature $3,200 Notables & Notorious
George Custer signature $1,500 Military
James Dean signed 8x10 photo $2,500 Entertainment
Walt Disney ALS $5,000 Comic Art & Animation
Amelia Earhart signed 8x10 photo with plane $1,000 Space & Aviation
Thomas Edison signed 8x10 photo $1,000 Notables & Notorious
Albert Einstein signed 8x10 photo $3,000 Notables & Notorious
F. Scott Fitzgerald signed 8x10 photo $5,000 Art & Literature
Bob Fitzsimmons signature $500 Sports
Dwight Frye signature $500 Entertainment
Clark Gable signed 8x10 photo GWTW $2,000 Entertainment
Greta Garbo signed 8x10 photo $5,000 Entertainment
Judy Garland signed 8x10 photo as Dorothy $15,000 Entertainment
Lou Gehrig signature $2,000 Sports
John Hancock document signed $2,500 Notables & Notorious
Jean Harlow signed 8x10 photo $2,000 Entertainment
Ernest Hemingway signed 8x10 photo $2,500 Art & Literature
Jimi Hendrix signed 8x10 photo $5,000 Music
Buddy Holly signed 8x10 photo $1,500 Music
Harry Houdini signed 8x10 photo $2,000 Entertainment
Curly Howard signed 8x10 photo full name $2,000 Entertainment
Stonewall Jackson signature $3,000 MilitaryThomas Jefferson
Bobby Jones vintage signed 8x10 photo $3,000 Sports
Janis Joplin signed 8x10 photo $2,500 Music
Boris Karloff signed 8x10 photo as Frankenstein $2,000 Entertainment
John F. Kennedy signed 8x10 photo AT LEAST $1,500 Presidents
Bruce Lee signed 8x10 photo $3,000 Entertainment
Abraham Lincoln document signed $4,000 Presidents
Charles Lindbergh signed 8x10 photo Spirit of St. Louis $1,000 Space & Aviation
Bela Lugosi signed 8x10 photo as Dracula $2,500 Entertainment
Marie Antoinette document signed $5,000 Notables & Notorious
Christy Mathewson check $10,000 Sports
Marilyn Monroe signed Playboy Cover $25,000 Entertainment
Marilyn Monroe signed 8x10 photo $7,500 Entertainment
Frank Morgan signed 8x10 photo (WOZ) $5,000 Entertainment
Jim Morrison signed 8x10 photo $5,000 Entertainment
Annie Oakley signed 8x10 photo $5,000 Notables & Notorious
Charlie Parker document signed $1,000 Music
Edgar Allan Poe ALS $20,000 Art & Literature
Ronald Reagan-Price varies

Elvis Presley signed 8x10 photo $750 Music
George Reeves signed 8x10 photo as Superman $2,000 Entertainment
Paul Revere document signed $5,000 Notables & Notorious
Manfred von Richtofen signed 8x10 photo $3,000 Notables & Notorious
Knute Rockne signed 8x10 photo $1,250 Sports
Babe Ruth signature $2,000 Sports
Babe Ruth signed 8x10 photo in uniform $5,000 Sports
Charles Schulz comic strip $5,000 Comic Art & Animation
Frank Sinatra signed 8x10 photo $750 Music
3 Stooges with Curly signed 8x10 photo full names $5,000 Entertainment

RooseveltS-FDR and Teddy-price varies
Jim Thorpe signed 8x10 photo in uniform $1,000 Sports
George Washington signature $3,500 Presidents

The History Buff,Inc.

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