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First photo session at White House
FDR at desk showing braces

SUMMARY: THIS OFFERING IS the only known photograph of FDR as president showing leg braces. 1933 first photo session at White House. Price:$1495

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FDR at Desk Showing Braces 1933

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt(1882-1945) Secretary of the Navy, governor of New York State and President of the United States.

Roosevelt contracted polio as young man and had to wear braces or be transported in a wheelchair during most of his political career.

The media was careful to never show FDR in either a wheelchair or his leg braces which he needed to stand upright. In fact the image in this item shows FDR sitting at the famous Resolve Desk. In order to conceal his braces a panel was added to the desk to conceal the leg well of the desk so FDR's braces would not show.

This offering is an approx. 6.5 X 8.5 inches black and white image of FDR at his desk. The photograph shows bumping of one corner and several defects in the image. The photograph is signed in ink "Franklin D Roosevelt" The signature is dark and clear. Although there are several iterations of this image on the net but this may well be the only signed photograph with this image.

The person who obtained this photograph was a reporter for Hearst Newspapers assigned to the White House. The photograph is back stamped, but the back stamp is largely ilegible except the part that indicates it was from Hearst Newspapers.



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