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Franklin D. Roosevelt

Signature and 'Unfinished portrait'

SUMMARY: This offering is a card signed by FDR and a Limited Edition print of Shoumatoff's 'Unfinished Portrait' water-color portrait of the president who died while the portrait was being done.Price:$1,150.00

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Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945). Governor of New York (1995-2001) & 32nd President of the U.S. (1933-1945). Document Signed, being a Governor of New York card signed "Franklin D. Roosevelt". Even age toning.Otherwise in excellent condition with a bold signature. Writing is dark.


Comes with a 10 in.x 13 in. presidential head and shoulders image that is a print of "The Unfinished Portrait." The Unfinished Portrait of FDR is a water color image of Franklin Delano Roosevelt that was in progress at the time of his collapse and subsequent death. Elizabeth Shoumatoff had begun working on the portrait of the president around noon on April 12, 1945. FDR was being served lunch when he stated "I have a terrific headache" and then collapsed of a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Later that day Roosevelt died. Shoumatoff never finished the portrait. Gimble Brothers acquired the right to reproduce the image of the portrait and published several editions of the print. This ,however, is a Limited First Edition print published by Gimble Brothers, Inc, New York, 1945.The portrait shows some toning consistent with its age and a few minor dings here and there but it is overall in fine condition.

The photo and signature will be come with a letter of authenticity as to their origin, history and authenticity.


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