eHistoryBuff.com is the web site for The History Buff, Inc. We are sellers of historical documents, signed photographs, historical prints, old newspapers and signed and unsigned books. These items are offered for sale through this web Site. The History Buff also issues THE OCCASIONAL PRINT catalog. All items are guaranteed in writing to be authentic for life. The management of this corporation has over twenty-five years experience buying and selling autographs.

The History Buff, Inc.brings a high standards for integrity and customer service to this field. Our staff are educators. It is important to us that our clients enjoy learning about the great events of history so they will understand why it is important to preserve these historical treasures and pass them on to those who follow. Thus there are four important words in the credo of our organization: integrity, service, education and preservation. This web site lists some but by all means not all of the items in our inventory.

The items presented on this web site are only a small percentage of our inventory. We offer a large selection of framed and unframed historical autographs representing all areas of collecting. Collectors who are interested in a particular individual or an area of collecting should notify us of their interests and under certain circumstances we will search the world for the item the collector is seeking.

We are always interested in buying items and we purchase large collections.

Contact Info:

Phone:952-937-0325--email:thehistbuff@aol.com--toll free FAX-888-394-2401



All sales are final unless it can be shown that the item was not as represented. Specifically, for example, we do not accept PSA/DNA authentication or authentication by any 'organization' or authentication service as a proprietary or automatic basis for a refund (see why- read our article on authentication). However, we are willing to have any item, the authenticity of which is questioned, be adjudicated by another 'expert ' who is mutually acceptable to BOTH the client and The History Buff, Inc. There are certain 'experts' who may have or have had an association with an authentication service who would be acceptable to us provided that they function as an individual expert who is able to justify their opinion in writing. REMEMBER, AUTHENTICATION IS AN OPINION AND NOT A FACT IN MOST CASES .

Of course there is a cost to most authentication disputes if it is to be resolved properly. WE WILL NEGOTIATE THE DISPOSITION OF COSTS IN ANY AUTHENTICATION DISPUTE WITH CLIENTS ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS.Once again, clients are referred to our thoughts regarding authentication that are posted on this web site. Our policy is based on the important principle that individuals not organizations and not machines must render opinions regarding authentication in this field.Finally, some disputes may not require the involvement of an expert if there is a reference that substantiates a claim that an item is not authentic. This has not happened to us to date but it conceivable it might at some time in the future.Examples would be an autopen pattern or a secretarial signature that we were not familiar with and that may have been discovered recently. Discoveries like the aforementioned ones would be incontrovertible evidence in favor of the client and would prompt an immediate full refund by us.

The sales price as listed on our web site does not include shipping costs and, if required, packing costs in the case of framed items. We charge only the net price we incur for such services and will provide an invoice on any and all such costs.

Also, we do not assume responsibility for the performance of any company that is selected to be the shipping agent e.g. FED EX, UPS OR THE USPS. We make a best effort attempt to have items delivered in as timely a fashion as possible.We certainly cannot guarantee deliveries that must be made within a short time of the order being placed e.g. last minute requests for overnight or next day deliveries. If a buyer is willing to pay the high cost of next day delivery then it usually works out but not always and we can not be held responsible for the performance of either the USPS or the private carriers in this situation.Last minute orders are especially problematical around Christmas.

In addition foreign buyers are responsible for any duties, fees or taxes levied by their own Customs when the goods enter their country.We try to minimize those charges insofar as possible.