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Benjamin Harrison

WH Image Signed and Dated as President

SUMMARY: This offering is an image of The White House of signed and dated by Benjamin Harrison as President:Price-$1095.00

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Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison ( 1833 – 1901). Harrison was the twenty-third President of the United States, (1889 to 1893).He was the grand son and also the great grandson ofPuck cartoon of Harrison wearing his grandfather's hat suggesting he was not fit for the presidency the two former Harrison Presidents of the United States.He served in the Civil War and was a breveted Brigader General. Before he became President he served as a senator from Indiana. His administration is best known for legislation including the McKinley Tariff and federal spending that reached one billion dollars. Democrats attacked the "Billion Dollar Congress" and defeated the Republican Party in the 1890 mid-term elections, as well as defeating Harrison's bid for reelection in 1892. He is to date the only president from Indiana.

Harrison received nearly 100,000 fewer popular votes than incumbent President Grover Cleveland but carried the Electoral College 233 to 168. Although had made no political bargains, his supporters had given innumerable pledges upon his behalf. When Boss Matthew Quay of Pennsylvania heard that Harrison ascribed his narrow victory to Providence, Quay exclaimed that Harrison would never know "how close a number of men were compelled to approach...the penitentiary to make him President." Of course Cleveland was defeated but rose again to be reelected President in a subsequent election:That is why George W Bush is the 43rd rather than 44th president.

Signature, as President, on a card with an engraved image of the White House. Approximately 3.5 x 4.5 inches. Signed Benj Harrison [Washington], March 1st 1893. Card in good condition with ageing and toning.

The autograph comes with a letter of authenticity as to its origin, history and authenticity.

Price: $1095.00

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