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Bockscar Crew Photos

Five individual crew photos who flew Nagasaki Mission

SUMMARY: This offering is 5 individual B&W photographs of the crew Bockscar Crew who flew the Nagasaki mission :Price for all five:$900.00

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Major Sweeney Pilot of Bockscar on Nagasaki Mission

Bockscar Crew. Five individual signed B&W photographs of the crew of the Plane that flew the Nagasaki Mission. (August 9, 1945). Signed by"M/SGT John D. Kuharek Flight Engineer 'Bockscar' Aug 9, 1945" "Major Charles Sweeney A/C (Airplane Commander) 9,Aug., 1945" "Sgt. Ray Gallagher asst. Flt. Engineer, Great Artiste, Hiroshima, Aug 6, 1945, Bockscar Nagasaki,Aug. 9, 1945" , " Capt. CD Albury - Pilot Bockscar Nagasaki -8-9/1945" "Lt. Fred J. Olivi Co-Pilot Bockscar, Nagaasaki Mission Aug 1945."Overall, In fine condition.

Bockscar nose art

A collection of individual crew members in their plane (Boxscar) is a rare find as a group of individual photographs.Sweeney was the actual pilot during the Nagasaki Mission displacing Albury and in turn Olivi who had to obtain special permission to go on the Nagasaki mission.In a real sense then Olivi was not the co-pilot on the mission although he was the co-pilot of the plane excluding the Nagasaki mission.






 Fred Olivi Co-pilot Bockscar


 John Kuharek Flight Engineer Bockscar


The autograph comes with a letter of authenticity as to its origin, history and authenticity.

Price: $900.00

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