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Whittaker Chambers

SUMMARY: THIS OFFERING IS a 1948 letter on Time Stationery in which Chambers states communism is evil.The letter suggests it is written to a former homosexual contact.Price:$1595.00

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Whittaker Chambers was born Jay Vivian Chambers and also known as David Whittaker Chambers[1] (April 1, 1901 – July 9, 1961), was an American writer and editor at various publications including Time. After being a Communist Party USA member and Soviet spy, he later renounced communism and became an outspoken opponent later testifying in the perjury and espionage trial of Alger Hiss. Both are described in his book published in 1952 entitled Witness.

This letter is a 8 in. x 10 in. TLS,Time-NYC, March 9, 1948.The letter shows some ageing and has some transfolds but is otherwise in good condition. The signature is with black foutain pen ink. Chambers implies in the letter that he has grown old and unattractive and that he may not be as attractive as the recipient remebers him. Chambers was an admitted homosexual and the recipient may well have been one of his former homosexual contacts.

The most important line in the letter is as follows:"Years ago I stopped being a Communist because Communism is positively evil."

Chambers wrote a moving letter to his children that is a forward to his classic book Witness, written after that trial in which he stated that he left communism just as others had done because " at night he and they could hear the screams"- those screams Chambers characterized as the agony of the soul. Chambers was famous for the role in the Hiss trial during which his testimony led to Hiss being convicted not of treason but for perjury. Chambers summarized his role in the Hiss trial in his famous book Witness. The History Buiff is offering a Firsat Edition Signed copy of Witness.

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Price: $1595.00

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