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Grover Cleveland

Signature on a card

SUMMARY: This offering is a signature of Grover Cleveland:Price-$350.00

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Grover Cleveland autograph on a Card

Stephen Grover Cleveland ( 1837– 1908). Cleveland was the twenty-second and twenty-fourth President of the United States. Cleveland is the only President to serve two non-consecutive terms (1885–1889 and 1893–1897). He was the winner of the Portrait of Grover Clevelandpopular vote for President three times—in 1884, 1888, and 1892—and was the only Democrat elected to the Presidency in the era of Republican political domination that lasted from 1860 to 1912. Cleveland's admirers praise him for his honesty, independence, integrity, and commitment to the principles of classical liberalism (conservatism of that day). As a leader of the Bourbon Democrats, he opposed imperialism, taxes, subsidies and inflationary policies, but as a reformer he also worked against corruption, patronage, and bossism.

Cleveland had a remarkable political career having worked himself up fro sheriff to governor of New York to President of the United States. He was know for his honesty and integrity and his principled stands on issues.

This offering is a 3 in x 5 in card signed Grover Cleveland, n.p, n.d. but circa late 1800's. The card shows normal aging and toning but is otherwise in fine condition and the signature is bold.

The autograph comes with a letter of authenticity as to its origin, history and authenticity.

Price: $350.00

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