CONSIGNING TO The History Buff, Inc

We accept consignment of autographs, manuscripts, signed photographs, signed books and historical art and autographs.Our terms are very favorable to consignors. In fact they may well be the most favorable in the industry. Under most circumstances the following are our terms of consignment:

  • Consignor agrees to give us 9 months to sell an item
  • Consignor keeps their item
  • Consignor provides images made from instructions we provide
  • Consignor grants us exclusive right to sell the item for the duration of the agreed upon consignment period and agrees not to double list the item with another entity such as ebay for example without prior notification
  • Consignor agrees to a net price to them but we will present all offers net to the consignor-we do not take a percentage of the selling price
  • We will stay in contact with consignors as necessary to advise them as to market conditions and we will advise them regarding asking price if we believe any adjustment is necessary

The advantage of consigning is that the seller should realize a higher net to them price for their goodsThe disadvantage is that consignment usually takes longer to sell an item but this is often a function of price

We are available to discuss individual consignments by Phone: 952-937-1469, by email:thehistbuff@ or, BY our TOLL FREE fax : 888-394-4201.