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Robert Gallo, M.D.
A great Book about hunting for the causes of human cancer and AIDS
Virus Hunting: AIDS, Cancer & The Human Retrovirus-The Story of Scientific Discovery

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Robert Gallo, M.D (b.1937). Dr. Gallo is best known for his role in identifying the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) as the infectious agent responsible for the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) although his role in this discovery remains controversial.After completing his medical residency and internship at the University of Chicago, he became a researcher at the National Cancer Institute. Gallo's choice of profession was likely influenced by the early death of his sister from leukemia, a disease to which he initially dedicated much of his research.

After listening to a talk by biologist David Baltimore, Gallo became interested in the study of retroviruses. In 1974 he identified the first retrovirus in humans: the "human T-cell leukemia virus," or HTLV. In 1984, Gallo and his collaborators published a paper in the research journal Science arguing that HIV, a retrovirus that had recently been identified in AIDS patients by Luc Montagnier and his collaborators at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France, was the cause of AIDS. Since then, there has been considerable and often acrimonious controversy over the priority for the discovery of HIV, including accusations that Gallo improperly used a sample of HIV produced at the Institut Pasteur. Today it is generally agreed that Montagnier's group was the first to identify HIV, but that Gallo's group contributed significantly to demonstrating that it causes AIDS. Furthermore, the work of Montagnier had relied on a technique previously developed by Gallo for growing T cells in the laboratory. This technique became the basis for HIV testing of blood samples. The two scientists continued to dispute each other's claims until 1985, when they finally agreed to share credit for the discovery of HIV.It is interesting to me that many members of Gallo's own goverment sided with the French in this dispute knowing full well how disreputable the French government often is as demostrated recently in the War on Terrorism. Robert Gallo should have been awarded the Nobel Prize a long time ago, controversy not withstanding.He is a very great American scientist.

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