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Barry Goldwater (1909-1998)
Signed Photograph


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Barry M. Goldwater

Barry M. Goldwater (b.1909-1998). Barry Morris Goldwater was a United States politician and a founding figure in the modern conservative movement. Goldwater personified the shift in balance in American culture from the Northeast to the West. A five-term United States Senator from Arizona, he was the Republican Party candidate for the Presidency in the 1964 election.

Although many of the policies and ideas advocated by Goldwater were out-of-step with the liberal political consensus of the United States in the two decades following World War II, his losing campaign proved to be a turning point for the modern Republican Party, which just sixteen years later nominated and elected Ronald Reagan, a conservative clone of Goldwater .This was the final triumph of the 'sagebrush' Republicans who joined with their conservative southern soulmates to restore the Republican Party to majority rule across the country at all levels of government.

This offering is a superb 8 in x 10 in B&W signed photograph signed with a black sharpie as Barry Goldwater.


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