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Ulysses S. Grant

Military Commisssion Signed as President

SUMMARY: This offering is a choice military commission signed by both Grant and Rawlings. Price:$1,600.00

President Grant signed military commisssion

grant and Rawlins signatures on military appointment

Grant, Ulysses S.The Civil War was Grant's second military career. His first one was not particularly noteworthy: He graduated low in his class at West Point-21st out of 39-in 1841; saw some action but spent most of his time as regimental quartermaster of an infantry unit during the Mexican War; and bounced around in various assignments in New York, Michigan, California, and Oregon after the war until, amid rumors of heavy drinking and warnings of possible disciplinary action, he resigned his captain's commission to pursue a civilian business life on July 31, 1854. When the Civil War commenced, Grant unsuccessfully offered his services to the War Department and to General General George B. McClellan in Ohio, who turned him down. He served temporarily as an aide and mustering officer for Illinois Governor Richard Yates, who eventually gave him command of the Illinois 7th Regiment, which later became the 21st Illinois Volunteers. On June 17, 1861, Grant was commissioned a colonel in the volunteers. He marched his unit to Mexico, Missouri, in north-central Missouri, guarding the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad and searching for rebel activity. He remained a colonel until August 7, 1861.

Grant was arguably the preeminent U.S. military figure of the 19th Century. This is an important piece and one that belongs in the finest Civil War, military, or presidential collection.

Grant, Ulysses S. Rare, choice military appointment signed ("U.S. Grant") as President, 19.5 in. x 15.5 in., on vellum, April 14, 1869. Countersigned by Secretary of War, John Rawlins (1831-1869), appointing John M. Goodhue major in the 11th Regiment of Infantry. Documents signed by both Grant and Rawlins are scarce as Rawlins, Grant's top aide throughout the war, died just six months after taking office.

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