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Rutherford B. Hayes

Signed partial document

SUMMARY: This offering is a a partial document signed by Rutherford B. Hayes as President. Price:$695.00


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Benjamin Harrison

Rutherford Birchard Hayes ( 1822 – 1893). Hayes was an American politician, lawyer, military leader and the nineteenth President of the United States (1877–1881).

Appointed a Major in the Twenty-third Ohio Regiment by Ohio Governor William Dennison, he originally served as regimental judge-advocate but then was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and proved competent enough at field command that by August 1862 he had been promoted to Colonel and soon after received command of his original regiment after being wounded in action. Though other presidents served in the United States Civil War, Hayes was the only one that was wounded. He was wounded four times.Hayes distinguished himself in several battles and was appointed a Brigadier General and then breveted a Major General.

The history of his election s one of the most fascinating in American History. In brief, his opponent Tilden was one electoral vote short of becoming president and because four states were contested so their electoral votes could not be counted Poster indicating election Fraud in Hayes v. Tildenwhich meant Hayes had only 165 electoral votes. But a commission was convened to address the problem and because the south was still under military occupation the southerners on that commission agreed to vote Hayes in as president with the quid pro quo condition that if elected Hayes would end the military occupation of the south.Hayes thus remains as the only president to be elected by a commission and by the margin of a single electoral vote.The Democrats always referred to Hayes during his presidency as "Rutherfraud" B. Hayes.

This offering however is a partial military appointment document measuring 10 in x 15 in signed by R. B. Hayes as President of The United States and by George W.McCrary as Secretary of War. Fine.

Price:$ 695.00

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