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Philip Showalter Hench, M.D.

Nobel Prize for Cortisone

SUMMARY: This is a handwritten response to a request for an autograph from the Mayo Clinic. Price:$150.00

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Hensch answers autograph request from Mayo Clinic

Philip Showalter Hench ( 1896 - 1965) was an American physician who, with E. C. Kendall, in 1948 successfully applied an adrenal hormone (later known as cortisone) in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. With Kendall and Tadeus Reichstein of Switzerland, Hench received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1950 for discoveries concerning hormones of the adrenal cortex, their structure and biological effects.This offering in a 3 in by 5 in card signed, Cordial greetings to Judge Brande from Philip Showater Hench, M.D., Rochester Minnesota, Nov. 19,1951.

At the time, the introduction of cortical streroids into clinical medicine laid the foundation for the use of these compounds as treatment for not only rheumatoid arthritis but also for a variety of other diseases that have as thgeir basic pathology severe inflammation of the affected tissues. Therefore, the discovery by Hench and his colleagues was a very important development that stimulated research that has led to the introduction of modern anti-inflammatory compounds like Motrin and Celebrex.

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