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SUMMARY: This offering is a First Day Cover SIGNED by Charles Huggins, M.D. Nobel

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Signature of Charles Huggins, M.D. Nobel Laureate in Medicine

Charles Breton Huggins (1901 - 1997). Huggins was a Canadian-born American physician and physiologist and cancer researcher specializing in prostate cancer.His basic research in castrate dogs showed that the size and rate of growth of the canine prostate was influenced by male hormone.This observation eventually led to the treatment of advanced cancer of the prostate by either castration or the administration of female hormones. He and Peyton Rous were awarded the 1966 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. Rous was the co-recipient of the Nobel for discovering the Rous sarcoma virus in fowl. Huggins's work led to further clinical investigations in other human cancers including cancer of the breast where it was shown that these cancers are also female hormone-dependent.Thus the work of Huggins led to the clinical understanding that the growth of human cancers may be influenced by hormone levels in the blood or the hormonal environment of the cancer.It was the concept that you couls influence the growth of human cancers by altering their hormonal environment was the reason Huggins ws awarded the nobel Prize.

This listing is a 1978 First Day Cover that is signed Charles Huggins. There is some very light penciled words far above and below the signature and on the back top of the envelope that does not affect his signature.

The autograph comes with a letter of authenticity as to its origin, history and authenticity.

Price: $75.00

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