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Spectacular Signed and Inscribed
Phillipe Halsman Portrait


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JOHN F. KENNEDY (1917-1963)

JOHN F. KENNEDY (1917-1963 ) .War hero, Congressman, US Senator and 35th President of the United States.

An exquisite Phillipe Halsman 8 in x 10 in B&W silver gelatin portrait signed "To Patricia / Keating / with very best / wishes / John Kennedy," probably as Senator from Massachusetts. Signed in the image. Staple holes in margin at top left, very minor dings otherwise excellent condition.Ideal for matting and display

Phillipe Halsman was a world famous photographer and his images are avidly sought by photograph collectors. A check of photograph auctions shows that Halsman photographs and portraits sell for between 5 hundred and 20 thousand dollars each.His photographs are avidly sought after by collectors of photographs.

This photograph combines a high quality signature and inscription of JFK with the finest in a photographic portrait. This image is a silver gelatin B&W portrait and not some standard cheap black and white photograph that was reproduced or copied in large quantities for use in the life of a politician.This portrait was clearly made from the original negative.

Volumes have been written about the difficulty in finding authentic JFK signatures. All the Kennedy sons were famous for their liberal use of both secretarial signatures and autopens.This authentic signature and inscription is one of the finest we have ever seen. This photograph was signed with unusual care by JFK and thus his writing is more legible in this instance than his usual signatures which are often little more than a scrawl.It is for that reason that JFK autographs are difficult to authenticate and therefore easy to forge. It is clear that Kennedy would never have given a portrait of the quality of this Halsman to someone who was not very important to him. It also stands to reason that JFK would not have allowed someone else to sign an image of this quality.In a sense, then, the quality of the portrait reinforces the authenticity of the signature.

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