Montague Dawson.Signed limited edition print titled:Battle of Trafalgar.The world's most renowned marine artist. This is a beautiful print made directly from Dawson's famous painting "The Battle of Trafalgar " one of the seminal naval battles of history. The print is archivally framed and it is signed in pencil by Montague Dawson.The overall dimensions of the frame are approximately 48 in. x 40 in. and the matted image is approximately 28 in. x 21 in.The print was purchased from Frost and Reed, Bond Street, London.Price:$1850.00

Nazi Battle Flag. Geman WW II battle flag. This large flag (8'4" x 54.5 in ) is sometimes referred to as a Kriegsmarine battle flag but they were also used by other services.The flag has the characteristic canton of an Iron Cross as shown.It is printed the same on both sides(one side only shown).The construction of the flag is consisrtent with a Nazi battle flag of that era.Note the unique binding of the halyards on the hoist of the flag. Price:SOLD

[ George S. Patton, Jr.] Color Print by Michael Gnatek titled Patton in North Africa 1943 and signed by the artist Micheal Gnatek.This print now very difficult to find because of the popularity of images like this of General Patton.Price: $550.00

[George Patton (1885-1945)]. Legendary U.S. General. . This is a print is derived from an original oil painting by Michel Gnatek and titled 'Patton at Bastongne'.The print's overall framed dimensions are appx.24 in. x 30 in.. The print and the frame are in perfect condition.The print is archivally framed in a black laquer frame. The print is signed by the artist Micheal Gnatek.Price:$995.00

Ronald Reagan (1911-2004). Bronze head and shoulders bust.Actor, Governor of California, and 40th President of the United States (1981-1989). Beautiful bronze bust od the President as shown.This bronze bust of former president Ronald Reagan is one of a limited run of only 40 pieces. Signed by the artist, Broge Kelrain, and numbered individually, this sculpture is sure to impress. The dimensions of the bronze ar:H28 x W18 x D11 inches.Weight 55 pounds.Price: $795.00

Ronald Reagan (1911-29004).Life -like bronze statue.Actor, Governor of California, and 40th President of the United States (1981-1989). Beautiful bronze bust od the President as shown.This offering is a spectacular life like bronze statue of the president in a characteristic pose.Price:$19,000.00

Large Bronze Plaque Depicting SS Soldiers. This dramatic plaque was one of several that were found recently in Germany in what was a basement or bunker of the former barracks of the elite division of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler(LAH). The size of these great historical items is 24 ½ inches X 16 inches. The bronze plaque weighs approximately 50 pounds. The eagle depicted above the soldier became at some point the official logo of the LAH.Price: $10,000.00

John Shaw Special Presentation copy of the print Warrior and The Wolfpack. This Special Presentation Copy print is signed in pencil by General GUNTHER RALL, Colonel FRANCIS Gabby GABRESKI, Colonel ROBERT “Shorty” RANKIN, Colonel WALKER “Bud” Mahurin, Cleon Thompson and artist JOHN SHAW. These Prints Are S/Ps (Special Publisher Proofs) signed by the highest scoring Living Aces Of The USA And Germany. The print belonged to the artist. This offering also Include The Book The Warrior And The Wolfpack, The Story of Gunther Rall And The 56th Fighter Group and a numbered certificate of authenticity. The prints measures 25" 'X 36" Inches.Price:$1,195.00

John Shaw. THE ORIGINAL PAINTING. Signed on the back by the same cast of warriors as the print listed here. Price:$60,000.00. IMAGE IS SEEN IN THE LISTING ON THE LISTING FOR THE PRINT ABOVE.

Robert Taylor's Special Presentation Print Assault on the Capital. Robert Taylor's final painting in his 60th Anniversary trilogy features a scene from the attacks on the afternoon of September 7, 1940. Led by Herbert Ihlefeld, Me109Es of II/LG 2 dive through the bomber formation giving chase to Hurricanes of 242 Squadron as Ju88s of KG30, having unloaded their bombs, head for home. One Ju88 has been hit and is already losing height, and will not return. Following behind He111s of KG53 try to keep formation as they fly through flak. The sky is alive with action. Signed by: Oberst Adolf Dickfeld, Major Heinz Lange, Generalleutnant Gunther Rall, Hauptmann Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert, Major Erich Rudorffer, Oberstleutnant Helmut Bennemann, Oberleutnant Siegfried Bethke, Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Hauptman Alfred Grislawski, Leutnant Herbert Kaiser, Unteroffizier Rudolf Miese, Oberst Eduard Neumann Leutnant Edmund Paule Rossmann, Oberleutnant Gunther Seeger, Oberleutnant Herbert Thomas, Hauptmann Rudolf Trenkel and General Herbert Wehnelt. Price:$995.00

Robert Taylor signed Limited Edition Print titled D-Day- The Airborn Assault. The Airborne Assault prints commemorates the 50th anniversary of D-Day, 1994, showing P-51B Mustangs escorting C-47 Dakotas towing CG-4 Waco gliders, over the Normandy beaches on D-Day. Signed by Robert Taylor and by 6 pilots who participated in the assault- P-51 pilots; Warren Emerson, Clayton Gross, William King and Maurice Long; C-47 pilot Sid Harwell and glider pilot Miles Wagner. The print is numbered and signed in pencil as indicated The print is accompanied by two companion prints that complete the set-Crash Landing and Into Battle.Price for the set:$595.00

Paul Warfield Tibbets, Jr. (1915 – 2007).The Uniform Colonel Tibbets wore on the Hiroshima mission and the Distinguished Service Cross Tibbets was awarded for the misssion.General Tibbets was a Brigadier General in the United States Air Force, best known for being the pilot of the Enola Gay, the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb.This offering is a one of a kind artifact from the history making event that caused the Japanese to surrender and thus bring WW II to a close. This flight suit is the one Tibbets wore to Hiroshima and it was identified as such by Tibbets in a letter of provenance that will be provided.. The suit has the Air Force patch on the left shoulder that is seen in a photograph that was taken as he disembarked from the Enola Gay after retuning from the strike on Hiroshima.The attached medal is the Distinguished Service Cross that was awarded to Tibbets on the tarmac on Tinian by Air Force General Spaatz..The suit has the same construction as other flight suits from the 509th. According to survivors of the 509th they did not attach much importance to these garments and many of them were worn as regular clothes or for performing household chores such as working in the garden after the war.The suit is in pristine condition having been carefully preserved for over 50 years. The Distinguished Service Cross is still attached to the left chest where it was placed by General Spaatz. A remarkable historical find.SOLD

Robert Taylor signed Print-Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders. This is a 1992 print that is only available on the secondary market.The print s in supurb condition and the dimensions are 31 1/4 in x 18 1/4in. The following signed the print in pencil.: General Jimmy Doolittle, Richard Cole, Jacob DeSchazer, Robert Emmens, Thomas Griffin, Everett W. Holstrom, Travis Hoover, David Jones. Richard Knobloch, Howard Sessler, Royden Stork and Griffith Williams.Price:HOLD

Wake Island Collection. This collection consists of the last American flag to be removed from Wake Island before it fell to the Japanese in December 1941. The flag was brought out on the last Pan Am clipper to depart the island on the first day the island was attacked December 8,1941.Also in this collection is a leather patch that was createsd to memorialize the 1st Marine Defense Batallion of Wake Island (The Wake Island Defenders).Price: $15,00.00


Robert Taylor Prints. We have the following prints immediately available: Returning Home, Doolittle D-Day, Hellcat Fury, Caught on the Surgface, Bogy's at 11 O'clock High, Most Memorable Day, and Glorius Summer. Call for prices.