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Signatures of 17 MN GOVERNORS including Harold Stassen

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Summary:This offering is aa collection of autographs from 17 different Minnesota Governors. Price:$249.00

Collection of Signatures of different Minnesota Governors. This is an unusual collection of 17 of the 42 individuals who have served as Minnesota Governor. The collection covers various time periods in Minnesota history starting in 1874.This collection includes the following individuals and the year they assumed office :Rudy Perpich, 1983,Al Quie, 1979, Wendell Anderson,1971, Harold LeVander, 1967, Elmer L. Anderson,1961, Elmer C. Anderson, 1951, Luther Youngdahl, 1947, Edward Thye, 1943, Harold Stassen, 1939, Elmer Benson1937, Hjlmer Peterson, 1936, Floyd B. Olson,1931, Theodore Christenson,1925, Joseph Burnquist, 1915, Adolph Eberhardt,1909, Samuel Van Sant, 1901,Cushman Davis, 1874.

The signatures are either cut signatures or are affixed to a 8 in x 10 in B&W photograph or a postal cover dated September 12, 1931, St. Paul, MIN, State Fair Grounds.

Among this collection is Harold Stassen (x2) the man who ran more times for President of the United States than any man in history.He was the youngest governor in Minnesota history (age 31) and was a contender for the nomination to run for President as a Republican (against Harry Truman) in 1948 but he was defeated for the nomination at the national Convention by Thomas Dewey. Stassen was a handsome man who was a much more impressive individual than Dewey but he made the mistake of debating Dewey on the radio rather than in person at Dewey's behest and those who heard the debate thought Dewey won but those in attendance thought Stassen won.Polls at the time indicated Stassen would have beaten Truman but the same polls also showed Dewey would defeat Truman.Several years later, as television was introduced into American politics, those who only heard the debate between Nixon and Kennedy thought Nixon won but those who saw it on television thought JFK was the winner.In 1952 Harold Stassen was again a contender for the Republican nomination as was Robert Taft. But of course both were defeated by Eisenhower who went on to win the presidency. Eisenhower won the nomination on the first ballot because Stassen released all of his delegates to Ike thus defeating Taft. It was always rumored that Stassen was promised a major position in the Eisenhower administration in return for the delegates but that never came to pass.Stassen not only ran repeatedly in later years for the Republican nomination but he also ran for Governor of Pennsylvania and for the U.S. Senate without success. Stassen also served as president of the University of Pennsylvania and he was active in the civil rights movement.

In a sense, Harold Stassen was one of many Minnesotans such as Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale and Eugene McCarthy who achieved great national stature but never became president.

 The items will be come with a letter of authenticity as to their origin, history and authenticity.



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