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Napoleon Bonaparte

Military Document Signed

SUMMARY: This offering is a military document signed by Napoleon and his Minister of War H.J.G. Clarke. Price:$1,550.00

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1812 Document signed by Napoleon

Back of Napoleon document

Napoleon Bonaparte (French: Napoléon Bonaparte French) born 15 August 1769 –died 5 May 1821) later known as Emperor Napoleon I, was a military and political leader of France, an acknowledged genius, whose actions shaped European politics in the early 19th century and his influence is still felt today.

Partially printed Manuscript Document signed by Napoleon (Np)I,and his Minister of War Henri J.G. Clarke,Duc de Feltre, 2 p.,recto verso, 8 in.x 12 on.May 21,1812, Dresden (Germany).The document concers certain military maneuvers and the movement of men and arms from Napoleon's Headqurters based in Dresden. This document undoubetedly relates to Napoleon's preparation for the invasion of Russia which bagan on June 24, 1812, less than a month after the date of this document. Regarding Napoeon's prepartion--- "The preparations were nothing short of astounding as the French organised enough provisions to sustain an army of 600,000 men - and 150,000 horses - for 50 days."1500 wagons were needed to carry the load - some 20 million rations of rice and bread - and some 50,000 draft horses were used to transport the materials.napoleonorder heay coats from the British However, Napoleon had sought to cut the cost of these coats by ordering tin buttons instead of brass ones. He did not know that tin undergoes an allotropic transformation at low temperatures and turns to dust. His men discovered this fact the hard way.Napoleon also retreated through Dresden leaving Russia but took a stand there and defeated the Sixth Coalition forces in the Battle of Dresden."Dresden is located strategically on the border of Poland.So, time wise this document relates to one of the most important periods in Napoleon's military career.

Diagram showing size of French Army going to and coming from Moscow


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Price: $ 1,550.00

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