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Richard Nixon

Historic Letter about Opening To China and postcards

from Nixon's China trip in 1972

SUMMARY: This offering is a Nixon ensemble of a letter about his China inititive and three post cards sent from China in 1972 signed by Pat Nixon, RN and Rosemary Woods. Price:$4500.00

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Nixon letter about the China Inititive

Richard M. Nixon (1913-1994).Nixon candidly discusses US policy on China, recollecting the important influence of German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in the establishment of US-Chinese relations in 1972. Typed Letter Signed. One page, large octavo, d. April 28th, 1983, on "Richard Nixon" personal letterhead stationary, New York City. Reads in part:

"You are correct in observing that Chancellor Adenauer played an important role in my consideration of U.S. policy toward Peking. It is interesting to note that I confirmed my recollection when I reviewed some handwritten notes I made after a talk with Former President Hoover in 1954. I had raised the issue with him and he disagreed with Adenauer's recommendation. With warm regards, Sincerely, Richard Nixon".

Nixon's most important achievements as president were in the arena of foreign policy, particularly détente —his grand strategy designed to promote a "triangular" balance of power among the United States, Soviet Russia, and the People's Republic of China the intent of which was to contain the expansion of Communism. The key to its success was the opening of Chinese relations with the United States. As early as 1954, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer had recognized the growing friction in Russo-Chinese relations while ideological preconceptions clouded American foreign policy. Adenauer perceived opportunities and strategic advantages from a Sino-Soviet split. Nixon, too, correctly reasoned that China had more to fear from the Russians, who had amassed 40 divisions along its border in the summer of 1969, than the United States.Nixon concluded It was in China's self-interest to cooperate with the United States. Nixon sent Henry Kissinger on a secret mission to China in July 1971, which led to the dramatic and unprecedented visit by Nixon in February of 1972 and the signing of the Shanghai Communique. The opening of China was Nixon's keystone in his "structure of peace." It brought the Russians and the Chinese closer to the United States than each other, and led to a series of diplomatic breakthroughs, including the end of the Vietnam War, the lessening of Soviet influence in the Middle East, and the SALT treaty. A fine letter of historical associations with one of the great diplomatic achievements of the twentieth century.

In addition to the aforementioned letter regarding his China initiative this offering includes three China postmarked postcards one of which is signed by Pat and Richard Nixon and which reads in part--this card comes as a memento of our historic trip---. The cards have a 1972 2 25 postmark.

 Images on post cartds from Nixon 1972 trip to China  post cards from Nixon 1972 trip to China

The other two cards in the collection were written by Nixon's secretary Rose Mary Woods on the same date in which she mentions "Peking and --from this historic meeting place---."

This is a description of the activities of that day (Feb 25, 19720""In the morning, the President and Mrs. Nixon went to the Forbidden City, the site in Peking of the residence of the emperors for some 800 years prior to the early 20th century. They were accompanied by Marshal Yeh Chien-ying, Vice Chairman of the Military Affairs Commission.In the afternoon, the President met again with Premier Chou for an hour. The First Lady toured the Peking Children's Hospital.Marking the final evening of their Peking stay, the President and the First Lady hosted a banquet honoring Premier Chou and other Chinese officials in the Great Hall."

These post cards are the first material from China related to the historic 1972 Nixon trip we have seen on the market.

The letter will come with a letter of authenticity as to its origin, history and authenticity.

Price: $4,500.00

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