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Historic Document signed by 3 Impeachment Committee

members and Liddy

SUMMARY: This offering is an official document relating to the Nixon impeachment signed by John Conyers, Bill Cohen, Trent Lott and G.Gordon Liddy. Price:$345.00

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A unique original U.S. Government Publication (93rd Congress 1st session - 718 pages beige softcover as issued by USGPO - United States Govt. Printing Office here in Washington, D.C.) official release from October, 1973 - IMPEACHMENT - SELECTED MATERIALS from the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States House of Representatives - 93rd Congress - First Session. This is a very scarce original 1973 official Government Publication of the first hearings on the IMPEACHMENT of President Richard Nixon.

What makes mine desirable is that three of the last surviving original House Judiciary Committee Members signed this original Congressional issued - Nixon Impeachment Publication In addition one of the prime Watergate Conspirators: G. Gordon Liddy also signed the document.


John Conyers - 1973 Democrat Congressman from Michigan - served on the Nixon Impeachment Committee (current Chairman of the current House Judiciary Committee)

Trent Lott - 1973 Republican Congressman from Mississippi - served on the Nixon Impeachment Committee (also former United States Senate Majority leader)

Bill Cohen- 1973 Republican Congressman from Maine - served on the Nixon Impeachment Committee (also former United States Senator from Maine and former Secretary of Defense under President Bill Clinton )

Former Secretary of Defense Bill Cohen was the original Co-Sponsor of one of the actual Articles of Impeachment against President Richard Nixon. In addition to signing this rare publication, he also added in his hand "Co Sponsor" under his signature. Of course Congressman Cohen was all full of principal at the time and was more than willing to give up his president. But years later when he was President Clinton's Secretary of Defense he did not resign on principal after he and the rest of the cabinet learned that Clinton lied to them and to the nation.


G.Gordon Liddy - One of President Nixon's prime conspirators of the initial Watergate break in and its cover up. Served jail time for his role in Watergate.

This document is a typical soft cover government publication and is 713 pages in length.Its dimensions are : 5.75 in x 9 in and it is one inch thick. It is in fine condition.The document will come with a letter of authenticity as to its origin, history and authenticity.

Price: $345.00

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