American Cardiac Surgeons. Mayo Brothers First day Cover signed in 1964 by leading cardiac surgeons of the day. Signers included "Father of Cardiac Surgery" C. Walton Lillehei, Denton Cooley, Michael DeBakey, Kantrowitz, Shumway, et al.Price $795.00

Alexis Carrel. (1853-1944). French-born, American Physician & Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine (1912). Typed Letter Signed, one page, octavo, October 8, 1937, on official "THE ROCKEFELLER INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH" letterhead, New York. A short letter arranging a meeting with a colleague. Signed: "Yours very sincerely, Alexis Carrel". A nice letter on the letterhead from where he obtained the Nobel prize. Normal aging, folds, pencil notation in another's hand on upper right, otherwise in fine condition. A nice sample on the Carrel letters are scarce. Price:$OLD.

Frederick Henry Baetjer, M.D. (1847-1933). Dr. Baetjer was on the staff at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and hospital during the 'Golden Era" of those institutions in the early part of the last century. Baetjer was part of the staff at Hopkins in the Osler, Halstead, Welch era. Baetjer became interested in the new discovery of electromagnetic radiation (X-ray) by Roentgen in Germany. He spent considerable time in Europe learning the new X-ray techniques being used to image the human body. He brought the techniues back to Hopkins where he established what eventually became the first Department of Radiology in te country. In those days the dangers of radiation were not understood and as a consequence the early imaging studies were carried out without the protection or shielding measures of lead lined gloves and lead impregnated glass behind which later radiologists carried out their studies. As a result of prolonged exposure to radiation Baetjer received severe radiation to his skin and in particular the hands. One consequence of this chronic radiation exposure to his hands it was necessary to amputate several of the fingers because they developed chronic open wounds that would not healed.Baetjer made major contributions to what eventually beame the specialty of Radiology. baetjer was appointed under the rubrick of an "actionater" but he later was appointed as Professor of radiology at Hopkins.Because of the injuries he sustained baetjer is considered to have been a martyr in his field. His written material is quite scarce. This offering is a in x in typed typed letter,September 9, 1930 on his professional stationery signed in which Baetjer expresses his pleasure in sending his autograph. It is signed F. H. Baetjer. The item is in very good condition and the signature is an ink signature that is bold and dark.Price:SOLD

Harvey Cushing, M.D. (1869-1939). This offering is a signed original reprint or off print of the Lister Lecture.It was found still contained in the original wax paper wrapper.The document is approximately 6 in x 8 in and is signed and inscribed Prof J.J. Abel with warm regards Harvey Cushing. This lecture was an invited lecture by The Royal College of Surgeons and the lecture is consecrated by the award of the Lister medal.Price: $3,250.00

Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931). Inventor and Businessman. Very Good Content Typed Letter Signed, with his famed 'umbrella' signature, one page, quarto, on Official "From the Laboratory of Thomas A. Edison" official stationary, dated January 28, 1912, Orange, NJ. Edison replies to his former colleague and chief electrical engineer for the New York City "incandescent light" project, Charles Edgar, who was seeking funds to endow Rutgers. In part: "while I am in sympathy with the idea, the Storage Battery and the new phonograph keep me poor at present...". Beautiful umbrella signature. This piece was acquired directly from the Edgar family and has never been offered on the market before. Overall, very fine piece with outstanding signature, and ideal for framing. $OLD.

John F. Enders (1897-1985). American Scientist & Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine (1954). An Head and Shoulders Portrait Signed, black and white, 5 in. by 7 in, no place or date. Signed and inscribed: "For Peggy Willis with best wishes from, John F. Enders". Enders autograph is considered rare in any form. In fine condition. $250.00

Sidney Farber, M.D. (1903-1973). Dr. Farber led the charge in the development of treatment for leukemia in children. The Dana-Farber Cancer Center at Harvard is named for him. This offering is a signed program from a dinner honoring Dr. Farber sponsored by the Variety Club.The program cover is signed--- For Johnny-dear friend and colleague-Sidney Farber. Price:$245.00

Reginald H. Fitz- Pioneering Harvard Medical School pathologist was first to recognize the significance of appendicitis and named the disease. ALS written to Professor Sedgwick and dated 1907, signed R.H. Fitz. Price:$375.00

Abraham Flexner (1866-1959). With a background in education (not medicine), Abraham Flexner revolutionized medical education, and as a result, the entire field of medicine with his critical report on American medical schools. The work was critical of the American education system, and upon recognition of its insights, Henry S. Pritchett, president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, invited Flexner to do a study of American medical education (Oxford 392). The Carnegie Foundation had been asked to investigate the issue by the American Medical Association’s Council on Education, which had noted the poor quality of medical schools in its annual report for 1906 (Duffy 208). Flexner seized the opportunity, and spent the next year or so traveling around North America visiting and evaluating 160 medical schools. This offering is a 8 in. X 10 in. TLS on General Education Board stationary, Dec. 1, 1913, New York, NY. It is signed in black ink pen, Abraham Flexner. The condition of the letter is excellent although it shows aging-it is 100 years old.Both Rockefeller and Carneigie are listed as Education Board members. Price: $475.00

Charles B, Huggins (1901-1997).Huggins won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for showing that human cancers could be treated by altering the hormone environment in the body. This led to new treatments for prostate cancer and cancer of the breast. The listing is a 1978 First day Cover signed Charles Huggins. Price: $75.00

The Mayo Brothers, Charles (1865-1939) & William (1861-1939). American Physicians and cofounders of the Mayo Clinic. Vintage Signatures A handsome pair of signatures on 5 in. by 3 in card, n.p,n.d. but circa 1940's. Card is in good condition, Card is signed C.H. Mayo and the other W.J. Mayo. This offering includes a mayo postal cover with a Mayo stamp postmarked Rochester, MN. Priced for both signatures and postal cover. Price$250.00

William P. Murphy, M.D.(1892-). Nobel laureate in Medicine. Discovered cure for pernicious anemia.5 in.x 7 in. glossy B&W photo signed William P. Murphy, M.D. Price:$175.00

Joseph E. Murray, M.D. (April 1, 1919 - November 26, 2012) Joseph Murray was a Harvard faculty member and plastic surgeon. Who along with a team of physicians at the Brigham pioneered the field of organ transplantation. This offering is Murray's Harvard Medical School calling card, signed boldly with ink pen. They did the first non-identical twin transplant of a kidney in 1957. The other physicians involved in this work had died by the time Murray was awarded the Nobel. The other members of the transplant group were: John Merril, Gustav Damnin, J. Hartwell Harrison and George Thorn among others. Price: $425

Joseph E, Murray, M.D.(b. 1919). American Physician & Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine (1990). Fine Signature, "Joseph E. Murray M.D.", on a 6 in. by 4 in. card, with the typescript "Joseph E. Murray Awarded the 1990 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for performing the first kidney transplant in 1954." printed on the top margin. Overall in fine condition. Price: $95.00

Louis Pasteur Pioneering French microbiologist and chemist (1822–1895) who demonstrated the germ theory of disease and developed the first vaccine against rabies. Vintage 5.25 x 7 print of a bust portrait of Pasteur by Legamey, originally done in 1886, affixed to an off-white 8.5 x 12 mount, with the mount bearing a large facsimile signature, and signed and inscribed in fountain pen in the lower border, “Souvenir du 11 mai 1886 a M. Maurice Vallery-Radot, L. Pasteur.” Double-cloth-matted and framed to an overall size of 17 x 20.5. In fine condition, with a few scattered creases to mount. Vallery-Radot was the grandson of the brother of the son-in-law of Pasteur. Pasteur’s signature here came less than a year after he first showed the French Academy of Sciences promising results of his treatment against rabies in humans, and two months following his March 1886 presentation of a study of 350 inoculated with his rabies vaccine—of which there was only one unsuccessful treatment. ‘There is cause to create a rabies vaccine establishment,’ he said at the time. A magnificent photo signed as Pasteur was in the middle of making scientific history. Price: $3400

Glenn T. Seaborg, Ph.D.(1912-1999 ). Distinguished American scientist who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1951. Typed letter signed as Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commisssion. Signed Glenn T. Seaborg. Price:$150.00

Glenn Theodore Seaborg ( 1912 – 1999). .This offering is a typed letter on the letterhead of Lawrence Laboratory, July 10, 1979 in which Seaborg affirms the importance of Einstein's work on the special and generalized Theory of Relativity.The letter is signed Glenn T. Seaborg. The letter is in fine condition. Price:$150.00

Karl Von Frisch(1886-1982). German Zoologist & Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine (1973). Rare Photograph Signed, black and white, measuring 6 in. by 4 in., no place or date. Boldly signed on the bottom margin in blue: "Karl von Frisch". Mounted to a larger sheet. In fine condition. $250.00

JAMES D. WATSON, Ph.D (b.1928).American Biologist and Educator, Co-Discovered DNA. Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine (1962).Thi offering is a typed letter signed, James Watson. 1 p, 8 in x 10 in, September 8, 2008, on Cold Spring Harbor Letterhead. The letter reads in part--"The answers to your questions are dealt with in part by my new book--Avoid Boring People--My main aim in the near future is to help promote drugs that will prevent most common cancers from ever arising-----".Price:SOLD

John Archibald Wheeler (1911 – 2008) was an eminent American theoretical physicist. One of the later collaborators of Albert Einstein, he tried to achieve Einstein's vision of a unified field theory. He is also known for having coined the terms black hole and wormhole and the phrase "it from bit".This offering is a post card from The Center for Theoretical Physics with an AQS, July 28, 1978, "We will first understand how simple the universe is when we recognize how srange it is" signed Best Wishes John Aechibakld Wheeler. In a hologrph post script Wheeler recommends his book on relativity ( see below). The card is in excellent condition and the writing is all in Wheeler's hand. Price: $345.00

Rosalyn Yalow (b. 1921). American Physicist & Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine (1977). A Document Signed, being a copy of a "Distinguished Guest Lecture's Address" for the AMWA's 41st annual conference, Toronto, seven pages, that appeared in the Journal, Medical Communication, Winter 1981. Note error in the spelling of her name that she has corrected and signed in pen beneath it: "Rosalyn S. Yalow". Article was stapled together on upper left corner. Vertical crease from light folding. Otherwise, fine. Price:$95.00