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Assault on the Capital

ROBERT TAYLOR Signed Special Presentation PRINT

SUMMARY: This offering is a Robert Taylor Signed Presentation copy of the Limited Edition Lithograph titled:Assault on The Capital.Several Luftwaffe Pilots.Price:$995.00

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Robert Taylor Print Assault On The Capital

Robert Taylor Special Presentation**copy of the signed print titled: Assault On The Capital. Robert Taylor's final painting in his 60th Anniversary trilogy features a scene from the attacks on the afternoon of September 7, 1940. Led by Herbert Ihlefeld, Me109Es of II/LG 2 dive through the bomber formation giving chase to Hurricanes of 242 Squadron as Ju88s of KG30, having unloaded their bombs, head for home. One Ju88 has been hit and is already losing height, and will not return. Following behind He111s of KG53 try to keep formation as they fly through flak. The sky is alive with action.

Signed by: Oberst Adolf Dickfeld, Major Heinz Lange, Generalleutnant Gunther Rall, Hauptmann Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert, Major Erich Rudorffer, Oberstleutnant Helmut Bennemann, Oberleutnant Siegfried Bethke, Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Hauptman Alfred Grislawski, Leutnant Herbert Kaiser, Unteroffizier Rudolf Miese, Oberst Eduard Neumann Leutnant Edmund Paule Rossmann, Oberleutnant Gunther Seeger, Oberleutnant Herbert Thomas, Hauptmann Rudolf Trenkel and General Herbert Wehnelt.

The print is in excellent condition and the paper size 33 in x 24 in (84cm x 61cm) .The print is markewd SP in pencil designating it as a special presentaion copy.

**A Special Presentation copy of the print is a print hand -selected by the artist which then is given to the warriors who sign the print and and the individual who buys the painting. This print comnes from the owner of the painting.

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