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D-Day - The Airborne Assault
Limited Edition Print by Robert Taylor

SUMMARY: This offering is a Robert Taylor signed print commemerating the 50th Anniversary of the D-Day landing. Price:$595.00


A Robert Taylor Special Edition** Signed Limited Edition Lithograph entitled D-Day - The Airborne Assault, commemorating the 50th anniversary of D-Day, 1994, showing P-51B Mustangs escort C-47 Dakotas towing CG-4 Waco gliders, over the Normandy beaches on D-Day. Signed by Taylor and by 6 pilots who participated in the assault- P-51 pilots; Warren Emerson, Clayton Gross, William King and Maurice Long; C-47 pilot Sid Harwell and glider pilot Miles Wagner. The print is numbered and signed in pencil as indicated.

It began in pitch darkness. June 6, 1944 was only a few minutes old when the Airborne Pathfinders drifted silently down from the sky above the fields of Normandy. At first their seemed nothing untoward about the drone of aircraft in the night sky. The German garrisons in Northern France were used to the noise of aircraft overhead after dark, but this night seemed particularly busy.Looking skyward a German sentry caught sight of parachutes floating down, clearly visible as the moon fleetingly broke through the clouds. For an instant he thought it was the crew jumping from a damaged bomber, but when he saw the mass of canopies floating earth wards, he knew it was no ordinary event. Within moments of raising the alarm the crackle of automatic gunfire confirmed his worst fears: The Invasion of France had begun.The first assault upon Hitler's 'Fortress Europe' came from the sky. Shortly after midnight waves of aircraft and gliders delivered three Divisions of elite airborne troops into Normandy, their crucial objectives to seize vital bridges, secure strategic positions and clear the way for the coming aerial armada.

As the first streaks of dawn came over the horizon on that historic day, and with American and British paratroops already engaged in furious fire fights, the mighty amphibious armada began landing on the beaches of Normandy.

Above them waves of troop-carrying aircraft towing gliders stretched from the coast of France all the way back to England. Closely escorted by fighters, they delivered over 20,000 highly trained men into the battlefield of Northern France.

By nightfall the first phase of the greatest military invasion in history was complete. Five Divisions were were ashore and the Allies had established a toehold in occupied Europe. For the Third Reich it was the beginning of the end.

Without the advanced airborne assault, and the air supremacy achieved by the escort fighters, the amphibious landings could have been a disaster. It was therefore an appropriate choice for artist Robert Taylor to depict the airborne troop carriers and escort fighters of the ninth Air Force in his remarkable aviation painting commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion. Already hailed by D-Day luminaries as the most realistic portrayed rendered by an artist depicting events of June 6, 1944, the world's premier aviation artist has undoubtedly painted a masterpiece.

This print shows the C-47 Dakotas of the 438th Troop Carrier Group towing CG-4 Waco gliders, closely escorted by P-51Bs of the 354 Fighter Group as they cross the Normandy beaches. Below, landing craft swarm ashore putting men and equipment on the beaches, and everything about this spectacular print brings alive the events of that historic day a half a century ago. A superb collectors piece with which to remember D-Day, 1944. The piece measures approximately 34 in. by 25 in. and is housed in a custom archival frame.

This print is accompanied by two other companion prints--Crash Landing and Into Battle both by Robert Taylor. The price listed here is for the set of three prints.


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