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Whittaker Chambers
His First Edition Iconic Book 'Witness' Signed and Inscribed
--------------- ARTHUR KOESTLER

Summary:We are offering a signed and inscribed copy First Edition, First Printing of Witnes with dust jacket signed and inscribed by Chambers. Price $950.00

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Witness signed by Whittaker Chambers

Jay Vivian (Whittaker) Chambers (1901-1961). Chambers was a giant who served at one point in his career as an Editor at Time Magazine. He first was attracted to communism while at Columbia University. He joined the party and wrote for its publications and was sent to Moscow to receive espionage training. He was part of a communist cell-- the Ware Group-- of which Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White were also members. After much agonizing, Chambers eventually rejected communism and came forward to testify against Hiss in what was called the Trial of the Century. Chambers wrote a moving letter to his children that is a forward to his classic book Witness, written after that trial in which he stated that he left communism just as others had done because " at night he and they could hear the screams"- those screams Chambers characterized as the agony of the soul.

Chambers suffered greatly in his personal life as a result of his principled stand. But Ronald Reagan recognized the importance of Chamberlain and the role he played in helping to reinforce our understanding of the greatest evil in the modern history of man-Communism. Reagan even credited Chambers with being very important in his conversion to conservatism. President Reagan awarded Chambers The Medal of Freedom. The following was the comment that accompanied that award:At a critical moment in our Nation's history, Whittaker Chambers stood alone against the brooding terrors of our age. Consummate intellectual, writer of moving majestic prose, and witness to the truth, he became the focus of a momentous controversy in American history that symbolized our century's epic struggle between freedom and totalitarianism, a controversy in which the solitary figure of Whit taker Chambers personified the mystery of human redemption in the face of evil and suffering. As long as humanity speaks of virtue and dreams of freedom, the life and writings of Whit taker Chambers will ennoble and inspire. The words of Arthur Koestler are his epitaph: "The witness is gone; the testimony will stand." It could be argued that the Hiss trial helped to bring the magnitude of the threat that was posed by traitors like Hiss, Harry Dexter White and their fellow travellers to this great country. In the words of Ronald Reagan:

"One hundred years ago Lord Macauley said, 'Rome was over run and conquered by the Barbarians in the fifth century A.D.' In the middle of the 20th century America will be over run and destroyed but with this difference. Ancient Rome's Barbarians came from without-Americas Barbarians will have been created by her own Democratic institutions and will come from within."

Medal of freedom

Medal of Freedom

This offering is a signed First Edition, First Printing of Witness with a nice dust jacket. The book Witness in First Edition with an intact dust jacket is extremely scarce. A week ago a signed copy in poor condition sold for $950.00 on ABE in less than a week.This copy is only the second signed copy of this book we have seen in years.

Book Indicated First Edition First Printing

Book Description: Random House, New York, 1952. Hard Cover. Stated first edition; octavo; 808 pp (including index), book in overall good condition. Dust jacket condition good plus and (not price clipped) with original price of $5.00 on jacket.

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Price: $950.00

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