Developed the Radioimmune Assay now in widespread clinical and research use

Lecture reprint signed by Rosalyn Yalow, Ph.D. Nobel Prize winner

Rosalyn Yalow (b. 1921). American Physicist & Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine (1977). Dr.Yalow made a very important contribution by developing the radioimmune assay (RIA) which is a very important technique that has widespread use in both research and clinical medicine.RIA is now standard procedure in measuring a wide variety of biological compounds found in the blood of patients-for example, the levels of most hormones are determined by RIA as are most therapeutic drug levels.This listing is a Document Signed being a copy of a "Distinguished Guest Lecture's Address" for the AMWA's 41st annual conference, Toronto, seven pages, that appeared in the Journal, Medical Communication, Winter 1981. Note error in the spelling of her name that she has corrected and signed in pen beneath it: "Rosalyn S. Yalow". Article was stapled together on upper left corner. Vertical crease from light folding. Otherwise, fine.

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