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Zachary Taylor

Presidential Free Frank and letter showing illegal use of Frank

SUMMARY: Taylor's dughter Betty Bliss who served as stand-in First Lady writes friend using Presidential Free Frank illegally. Price:$3900.00

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 Zachary Taylor Free Frank

Zachary Taylor (1784 –1850). Also known as "Old Rough and Ready," was the twelfth President of the United States, serving from 1849 to 1850. Taylor was noted for his extensive military career and for becoming the first President not previously elected to any other public office. He was the second president to die in office.Shown here is a Z. Taylor Free Frank (FF) that is in excellent condition but that is the beginning of the story for this FF.

Taylor's wife Margaret almost refused to go to Washington because she was tired of moving so many times as an army wife. However, she eventually did accompany her husband after he was elected. Apparently she went to Washington in body but not in spirit so she declined for the most part to serve as First Lady. As a consequence her daughter, Elizabeth Taylor Bliss (married to Taylor's adjutant and secretary Colonel. William W.S.Bliss), filled in for her on many occasions. The above FF was used by Betty Bliss to send a family letter to a cousin Mrs. William Taylor in Mobile Alabama. The letter, dated April 1, 1850 (three months before Taylor died) and the letter was written from Washington. The letter begins with "commit this to the flames as soon as read":

Taylor's daughter urges friend to burn letter

The letter deals almost exclusively with family matters and the daughter mentions her husband Colonel. Bliss in the text which identifies the writer of this letter with certainty. It is clear that Taylor's daughter knew she was using a presidential franking privilege illegally based on the admonition to her cousin to read and then burn the letter because the straight forward contents of the letter do not suggest that there was any other reason to do so.We will never know whether the President also knew what his daughter was up to. The letter mentions that a copy of a speech given by Mr. Webster was enclosed (Undoubtedly Daniel Webster who died in 1852). The letter is on a two page bi-fold 6 in x 8 in writing sheet with writing on recto and verso of both sheets, The letter is in excellent condition and most of it is easily readable. Where oh where were Woodward and Bernstein?-corruption at the highest level!! The letter is signed Betty T. Bliss.

Signature of Betty Bliss

Items documenting illegal activities by a president seldom appear on the market. The letter and free frank will be come with a letter of authenticity as to their origin, history and authenticity.

Price: $3,900.00

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