The Ring Tyre Pump Range

There is a new kid in town for 12V Car Tyre Compressors, and they go by the name of Ring.

They’ve made great waves in the online sales world, with their products consistently appearing at the top of Amazon’s listings. It’s not just sales volume that’s impressive though, anyone can infiltrate a bestseller list by releasing an average product at a very low price.

Ring also score incredibly well in most product reviews too – topping the write ups in reviews across the web.

While we’re mainly talking about the 12 volt variety of air compressors, they’re also manufacturing foot pumps and tyre gauges that are held in equally high regard.

In fact, they make a lot more than pumps, covering everything from dash cams to towing accessories, so they’re fast becoming a one stop show for motorists and fleet managers. Having grown out of a trade background, they’ve exploded onto the consumer market very quickly, offering their experience in high quality affordable products to customers at a fraction of the price that their rivals have historically charged. That’s created an exciting shift in the marketplace, and the electronic tyre pumps are of of the more notable areas they’re creating waves.

Suddenly, anyone can afford a portable air compressor for their car at a price that rivals shovelling 20p into the forecourt machines over the lifetime of their vehicle, and it’s a heck of a lot more convenient.

At the time of writing, the vehicle compressor pump reviews website tell us that their most popular write up comes from the Ring RAC635 model, which the following video from Ring tells us more about:

As you can see – there’s more to the RAC635 than simply pumping up your tyres, but inevitably that’s going to be the main driver of purchases. Having the lighting and pressure readings is a nice addition, but the simple safety feature of being able to pump up tyres wherever you are and whenever you need to is a clear advantage.

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Hitler’s Inflator Of Power – A Postcard Sent From History

You’re likely familiar with Lord Acton’s famous statement, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” Lord Acton was an English historian, and he wrote this provocative statement in a letter to a Catholic bishop in 1887. This letter was written in the context of Pope Pius IX’s doctrine of ‘papal infallibility’ which asserted that the Pope’s words, actions and decisions were essentially to be believed and obeyed as if from God’s own mouth. We all know how that turned out. This doctrine, which epitomizes the idea of absolute power, has since been rescinded in Catholic doctrine. However, since 1887 – and before – we’ve seen the results of people, churches and state leaders who have used this approach to rule. Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein are examples that come right to mind. Let’s take a closer look at this concept of absolute power, first in the context of everyday situations we see in our own lives, and then, in political moves among the powerful that we read about or watch in the news.

We hear about ‘dysfunctional’ families, in which the family members do not interact in a way that promotes a happy family environment. A case in point would be when one parent decides that he or she is the absolute ruler, with no room for discussion or compromise. In case you’re wondering, it’s not always the man – sometimes it’s the woman – who exercises that absolute power. This person typically tends to be insecure, with a desire to dominate and thus prove their power and ability to exercise control. Does this demonstration of absolute power work? Not at the end of the day. Children certainly do not thrive in such an environment. Instead of learning genuine respect, they learn to fear, resent and dislike such a parent.

How about the school yard bully? These kids are usually insecure, and compensate by trying to push all the other kids around. It’s the same in the workplace. If you’ve ever had a boss who cannot be questioned, but simply obeyed, you probably didn’t stick with the job for long.

They’re the sort of people who need to continually add to their egos like pumping up a car tyre.

The point is, tyranny doesn’t work. In certain situations, given a hierarchical power structure and a population willing to put up with the absolute power-grabber personalities, it works – for a while. The trouble is that when the people have finally had enough, they will revolt. This is true within families, institutions and governments. Much like the car tyre analogy, you can only keep pumping things up for so long. Sooner or later the compressor becomes useless – namely when the puncture becomes too severe.

It’s interesting to note that persons who are desirous of ultimate power usually play it out incrementally. The husband or wife of this type will work up their agenda in a gradual way, making the noose tighter and tighter as time goes on. Soon they begin to think they are worthy of this absolute power over other individuals, shedding any ethical misgivings they might have had along the way. They begin to believe that they are, indeed, infallible. Again, referring to the tyre, suddenly the vehicle goes from being useful to useless – that is until the tyre is replaced and can be inflated once more.

On the political scene, let’s look at one outstanding example, voiced by President George W. Bush. On a few occasions, he was heard saying that if he were dictator, it would make his job a whole lot easier. Well, what about the Patriot Act, which has gutted many of our Constitutional rights? Warrantless spying on Americans? Proposals to cut Social Security and even Veteran’s disability benefits? People can now be tried and convicted in absentia, or confined indefinitely with no charges brought against them, nor access to legal help.

It’s unfortunate that the rights we enjoyed in times past are slowly being eroded, to the point where even America is going in the direction of absolute power over its citizens.

More than 100 years before Lord Acton’s famous letter to the bishop, William Pitt, in a speech in the House of Lords, in 1770, said: “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it; and this I know, my lords, that where laws end, tyranny begins.”

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Think about it.

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Collectible Presidential Autographs

My father’s birthday is just around the corner, and unfortunately for those of us doing the shopping, he’s sort of the man who has everything. He lives at the beach, drives a fabulous car, and is fairly comfortable buying the things he needs for himself without worrying about prices. While I’m thrilled for him and glad he’s enjoying retirement, it makes gift giving a bit of a challenge. Forgive the cliché, but really, what do you get for the man who has everything?

Fortunately, the fact that my father is a complete American history fanatic has given me a bit of inspiration this year, and I’m planning on making this next birthday gift the best ever. My brothers and I are going to pitch in together and buy him a real piece of history — an authentic signature from one of the Presidents of the United States! But looking for authentic presidential autographs is serious business, and of course, it’s fallen to me to do all the legwork.

As is often the case, the Internet is a fabulous place to start when you’re looking for information on finding and purchasing genuine presidential autographs. There are a great variety of web dealers who specialize in buying, selling, and authenticating the signatures of some of history’s most beloved sons and daughters. The array of presidential autographs is astounding, on items ranging from personal letters to official government documents, from books to photographs. And it’s not just presidential autographs that are for sale — some sites include original letters and memorabilia from Civil War heroes, twentieth-century military leaders, astronauts, Supreme Court Justices, and leaders from the Civil Rights Movement.

If you’re like me, the only downside of looking to make a gift of one of the many presidential autographs available is choosing which president! I’m glad that my dad’s own unique areas of interest narrowed my search a bit. The fact that he’s a volunteer tour guide at an old Civil War fort on the coast of North Carolina certainly narrows my list of leaders (can you say ‘Abraham Lincoln?’), but even with four siblings pitching in, I don’t think we can swing the $44,000 price tag for Honest Abe’s signature! Perhaps in time, regardless of the president, time will pump up the value.

So while we may not have Lincoln’s John Hancock (pardon the pun), we still were able to purchase, albeit with significant whining and credit card debt incurred, an authentic autograph from General Ambrose E. Burnside, most certainly a winning name amongst the Civil War set. And if we get serious about saving our money, we might be able to buy presidential autographs from a more recent Commander in Chief. Either way, I’m glad we bought the Burnside piece because I know dad is going to love it!

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Flight History

Aeronautical engineering has brought a huge leap in the human race’s ability to navigate the planet. Flight isn’t something that has been possible for long in the scale of humanity, so the flight age is a very exciting time.

Here, we’ll look at everything from the start of human flight with the early aeroplanes, to the rise of foreign holidaying and even starting to explore space with manned shuttles and rockets.

Only by understanding where man started to fly can we truly get a feel for the achievements and also where we’re likely to be going as a species in the future.

Engineering is about everything from the dynamics of the craft as a whole to making sure the wheels and tyres are capable of resisting the extreme pressure of touchdown on the runway. Every last component must do its job and be reliable. What’s more, things must be maintained and replaced before wearing out. It’s not advisable to risk components failing at thirty thousand feet. There’s no hard shoulder up there to change a tyre!

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Documenting The Past

The eHistoryBuff has arrived to be your online vehicle maintenance geek to turn to for all things gone by with cars, trucks and lorries.

Whether you’re looking for stats and statistics on a particular event, or just delving into the excitement of yesteryear, the buff is right here to answer your questions. If you’ve got a flat tyre you need to inflate or repair on the go, we’ll tell you what to do now and how to make it easier next time.

Of course, no historical record is ever complete – our rich and diverse history stretches back an almost infinite distance, and what’s more, history is made during every second of every day. The motoring era is admittedly shorter, but for as long as humanity needs to get around, vehicles will be here to stay.

If you’d like to help us build our virtual friend, the, we’d be really pleased to hear from you – all contributions, no matter how large or small are always warmly welcomed.

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