Flight History

Aeronautical engineering has brought a huge leap in the human race’s ability to navigate the planet. Flight isn’t something that has been possible for long in the scale of humanity, so the flight age is a very exciting time.

Here, we’ll look at everything from the start of human flight with the early aeroplanes, to the rise of foreign holidaying and even starting to explore space with manned shuttles and rockets.

Only by understanding where man started to fly can we truly get a feel for the achievements and also where we’re likely to be going as a species in the future.

Engineering is about everything from the dynamics of the craft as a whole to making sure the wheels and tyres are capable of resisting the extreme pressure of touchdown on the runway. Every last component must do its job and be reliable. What’s more, things must be maintained and replaced before wearing out. It’s not advisable to risk components failing at thirty thousand feet. There’s no hard shoulder up there to change a tyre!

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